Reflections on the home.

The first time a rental apartment felt like home was the day I brought home a piece of furniture that I loved. A piece of furniture that was not that’ll-do-for-now or until-I-get-something-better. Perhaps beyond the constant packing and unpacking of boxes, the moving trucks between new jobs and old lovers, new beginnings and old memories, we still feel an instinct to be rooted in a place.

They say millennials move on average every two years, so that sense of place is a fleeting thing. I have a vague memory of a sunlit window in an apartment in Boston, the hot summers on a fire escape in New York, a gravel path to a door in Copenhagen. It is the furniture, then, that I place my sense of home in, the objects that I take with me to root me to a sense of place, to—in an instant—make a new city familiar, a new place comfortable.

Akron Street is furniture for your home, wherever that may be, wherever you will go.


Hansley Yunez & Lulu Li

101 N 5th Street, Unit 4B
Brooklyn, NY 11249